Endermologie For Beauty

Endermologie is a cellulite reduction body treatment that will also stimulate and improve circulation and lymphatic drainage by 400% after each treatment. Cellulite is a problem that plagues approximately 90% of women over 20.

Endermologie is FDA approved as an effective procedure that will reduce cellulite. Endermologie targets and treats trapped fat, water and toxin build-up. Cellulite forms in the subcutaneous layer of the skin that is resistant to diet and exercise. Endermologie is the only treatment that contours the body and tightens, tones and smoothes the skin while stimulating the circulatory system and promoting lymphatic movement.

Cellulite often shows up as dimpling on the skin, sometimes called the cottage cheese look, even in those who are fit. The look of cellulite does not necessary diminish with weight loss and liposuction fails to address this top layer of fat under the skin.

French plastic surgeons developed the techniques used in Endermologie. The process is now patented in the Unites States. Endermologie uses rollers that often feel like deep tissue massage, over problem areas of the skin. At the same time, suction is used to redistribute the skin and remove dimpling. Those opting for endermologie usually need about 10 to 20 sessions to accomplish personal goals. A maintenance program will be necessary to ensure long-term results.

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